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Unlock the power of Paid Media to grow results and drive efficiencies.

We utilise targeted advertising, precise audience segmentation, and dynamic campaign optimisation to achieve impactful results across multiple channels.

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Como uma empresa Next-Gen, orquestramos soluções digitais completas. Nossa oferta robusta em gestão de dados contempla Data Analytics, Data Science e Data Engineering, com equipes altamente especializadas, metodologias ágeis e proprietárias, para entregar resultados imediatos enquanto geramos valor para o futuro, atuando para transformar o uso de dados nas operações das empresas.

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Next-gen Company.

Boost your business with expert Digital Marketing Solutions.

How we can help you:

Online Sales

The e-commerce landscape is more competitive than ever. With so many choices available to consumers, it's crucial to give your e-commerce business every opportunity to stand out from the crowd and maximise its revenue potential.


✅ Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

✅ Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Lead Generation

Generating consistent, good-quality leads is crucial to the success of any service business. Our strategies are designed to get your business in front of the right people, at a time when your services provide all the solutions.




✅ Paid Social

Brand Visibility

To grow your business, it's essential to keep your brand top-of-mind and make it stand out amidst the competition. Beyond that, you need potential customers to engage with your brand and become your most enthusiastic advocates.



✅ Content Strategy

✅ Influencer Partnerships

Get a Marketing Plan in 24 hours.

Case studies

At Cadastra, we foster strong partnerships and build success stories. Our collaborative, agile, and proprietary approach drives consistent results.

Vip Bottles

VIP Bottles, an online luxury alcohol retailer based in Leicester, specialising in international exclusive and limited edition spirits, first approached Cadastra in October 2020 to build their online presence as they transitioned from a physical store.

The retailer was struggling to gain volume and visibility online and were running most of their shopping activity through an affiliate partner.


From an SEO perspective, we focused on improving site architecture with categorised breadcrumbs and content. Our comprehensive SEO strategy included creating guides, recipes, and product descriptions. For PPC, issues such as feed optimisation, budget constraints, manual bidding, competition, product pricing, and a limited number of SKUs were addressed. We optimised shopping feeds, placing additional emphasis on seasonal opportunities like Christmas and Valentine's Day.

  • 1900% Increase in revenue YoY
  • 124% Increase in website impressions
  • 1300% Return on ad spend (ROAS)

Founded in 1969, Swift Direct Blinds, one of the largest manufacturers of blinds in the UK, faced major issues following a poorly managed website migration. They were losing keywords and domain authority and needed a partner to stop the decline and implement an aggressive SEO strategy. They also sought support to explore PPC opportunities.


The initial focus was on fixing the website structure, addressing numerous 404 errors, poorly structured breadcrumbs, and a non-existent category structure. After these basics, the strategy shifted to enhancing user experience and onsite content to build category pages' domain authority and drive traffic. For PPC, the strategy began with generic keywords like "blinds" and expanded to category-specific campaigns based on performance insights.

  • 249% Increase in organic traffic
  • 509% YoY increase in organic transactions
  • 110% YoY increase in PPC transactions
  • 2200% YoY increase in paid social revenue

JOHNS&CO, a rapidly growing London estate agency with seven offices across the city, approached Cadastra to achieve dominant rankings in local areas while building a robust SEO foundation and campaign.


The initial focus was on resolving technical issues, including indexation, site speed, and internal linking. The strategy then involved comprehensive content creation in collaboration with their PR agency, producing thought leadership content driven by primary statistics and shared with national press. Managing their local presence involved a detailed Google Business Profile campaign with frequent updates, posts, and review responses. As the campaign evolved, JOHNS&CO sought additional support for PPC and paid social media.

  • 31% YoY increase in organic traffic
  • 148% Increase in conversion rate
  • 23% Increase in page 1 keyword rankings on SERP

Hermes Dental Clinic, a successful dental practice in London, experienced a dramatic drop in enquiries and approached Cadastra for digital marketing support to enhance their customers' digital experience amid fierce competition in central London.


We conducted a full business analysis and website audit, optimised their Google My Business for local visibility, amended the custom-coded website, launched a social media campaign with regular posts and audience interaction, and built a new mobile-responsive, user-friendly WordPress website.

  • 28% Increase in Google My Business interactions
  • 16% Increase in organic traffic
  • 145 New organic followers in three weeks
  • 132% Increase in social media interactions
  • 15% Increase in website health in first 4 weeks

Reflex Vehicle Hire, a nationwide commercial vehicle rental company, approached Cadastra for holistic digital marketing support to gain national rankings and compete effectively with larger competitors.


We conducted a comprehensive UX audit and developed an SEO strategy focusing on keyword optimisation and creating localised landing pages for national reach. To facilitate easier user engagement and conversion, a chatbot was implemented.

  • 3000+ Goal completions, including 1346 through organic search
  • 1.9m Impressions over 12 months
  • 1348 Ranking keywords
  • 283% Increase in keyword rankings on page 1 of Google
  • 225% Increase in organic traffic

Earthly, a B2B carbon offset platform backed by science and led by ambitious businesses, approached Cadastra as a crowdfunded startup needing support in all online marketing channels to increase brand exposure, position as thought leaders, capture attention, and generate leads while educating the audience on the global impact of climate change.


We started with 'go to market' and 'persona' workshops to understand core segments. The campaign was delivered in phases, including launching paid search campaigns on Google and Bing for instant exposure, building strong SEO and email foundations, and executing simultaneous organic social media and PR campaigns to position Earthly as a hot topic in the tech startup industry.

  • 455% Increase in organic traffic
  • 358% Increase in website impressions
  • 73% Increase in website enquiries

Algumas de nossas atuações em CRM na prática:

Mapeamos as oportunidades a partir do estágio de evolução atual.

CRM _  Visão Geral da Área 2

Avaliamos como está coordenada a estratégia de canais, e o nível de personalização e assertividade que as comunicações da marca atingem com seus clientes.

Dessa forma, montamos um plano de ação para engajar cada vez mais os usuários, aumentar a base e construir uma jornada de relacionamento consistente.

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Mandala Next-Gen Cadastra

Nossa oferta Next-Gen Company

Nascemos para resolver problemas complexos de forma mais eficiente enquanto buscamos novas oportunidades para criar valor futuro ao negócio dos nossos clientes.

Aportamos em nossos clientes toda experiência e conhecimento de mais de duas décadas na economia digital: processos e métodos inovadores, tecnologias adequadas para cada maturidade digital, estrutura e inteligência de dados e analytics, entre outras estratégias e operações que vão levar a empresa para o estado da arte e realmente criar diferenciais competitivos.

Have been working with the team for over 3 years now and cannot put a price on the amount of support I have received throughout. Helped my business grow into a national company, using their expertise in PPC, SEO and Social Media. Would highly recommend this company to any business owner.

Bhupinder Gill VIP Bottles

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We are a global company providing marketing, business strategy, technology, and data analytics solutions.

We blend the expertise of digital agencies, consultancies, and technology integrators into one seamless experience.

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